Our Process

sistersOne of a Kind Creations

Here at Vintage Creations, our products are made by hand with recycled and repurposed fabrics and materials. Each product is one of a kind. “The main reason I started using vintage and recycled materials was that I just find them to be more fun,” says owner and designer Beth Nielsen. “You see different patterns and textures that you don’t see everyday.”  In today’s mass-produced world, finding apparel and accessories that are both stylish and special is rare.  To learn more about Beth’s story and this history of Vintage Creations, click here.

Inspired Design

The inspiration behind Vintage Creations diverse range of stylish clothing and accessories comes from a variety of sources. “I am inspired by all kinds of things,” says Beth. “Ideas come when you least expect them. There have been times where I am trying to create something and it doesn’t turn out like its supposed to , but the unexpected version of this is good and the end product becomes very popular. That’s why this business is so exciting!”


The Repurposing Process 

As anyone who has ever attempted to upcycle knows, the process of repurposing clothing into something new and stylish is not easy.  For starters, the process of finding high quality materials can be difficult. “The materials are tricky to come by,” says Beth. “I buy from vintage wholesalers all over the country. Sometimes customers have been kind enough to donate textiles and cashmere sweaters to me, and I still do a little of shopping for stuff at thrift stores.’

For her process, Beth searches high and low for textiles that meet her high standards for quality and beauty. Sometimes finding the material is only the beginning, “If it needs dyeing I dye it,”she says. “I’m often trying to design items where there is a customer demand, where people have asked for particular items.”

Vintage Creations customers tend to be people who appreciate creativity.  Our customers like funky, one of a kind clothing, and are generally eco friendly consumers. “There is a lot of variety,” says Beth. “Some customers love the cashmere since it is super soft, others the recycled fur to keep them warm, and the fun vintage tablecloth skirts for their cheerful prints and flattering design.”

Looking Towards the Future

Beth is always looking for new and different ways to make beautiful materials into something totally new. “I just launched the cashmere undies and bras,” says Beth. “They’re our newest product, but they’re are doing great!” Next on the horizon is a kids pullover in recycled cashmere that will have a hand silkscreened designs on the front.

You can purchase items online and if you are in the Seattle area at Pike Place Market where we set up daily.Watch the events page as we do several art and craft shows around the US and Canada.

We want your old cashmere sweaters. Don’t throw them away – we can recycle them. They can have holes, stains etc, we just need to have the 100 % cashmere tag still attached.